The Vegas Painters Guarantee. License #53359

What you should know about a paint contractors guarantee and its legal obligations.
There are two distinctions you need to know. The first one is for licensed contractors and the other is for non licensed people who claim to be a contractor.

Licensed by the State of Nevada
The State of Nevada requires a paint contractor to hold a licensed authorized by the State.
In addition, the contractor is required to hold liability insurance to protect the homeowner in case the contractor damages your property.
The contractor is also required to provide workers compensation insurance to protect their employees in case of an accident.
Both insurances protect you from having to use your homeowners insurance in case of property damage or personal injury.

If your contractor is licensed and the contractor does not honor his work you have the right to make a formal complaint against the contractor for up to 4 years.
The contractors board will investigate and if the contractor is found to have unacceptable workmanship the board will make the contractor fix it.

Residential Construction Recovery Fund.

This fund makes money available to you if you are damaged financially by a project performed on your residence pursuant to a contract and if the damage resulted from certain specified violations of Nevada law by a licensed contractor.

Non Licensed person who says they are a contractor.
What are your remedies if you hire a non licensed person and their work is unsatisfactory?
First, you will not get any help from the State Contractor’s Board. You are on your own.
What you can do is take the person to court which could take years before any satisfaction is realized; that is it.
This depends on whether you hired a licensed contractor or someone who does not hold a State required paint license.
Also, the non licensed person most likely will not have any kind of insurance.

How long should a workmanship guarantee be for a licensed contractor?
The law says the customer has up to 4 years to make a complaint that will be acted upon by the contractors board. Vegas Painters provides a 5 year guarantee which goes beyond the required time. Many licensed contractors will provide any where from 1 to 2 year guarantee. This is because they are unaware of the law and do not know you have up to 4 years to make a complaint. Make sure your contractor provides a written guarantee for workmanship for at least 4 years.

What does the guarantee provide by the paint contractor?
There are two guarantee’s, one by the contractor for workmanship and the other by the paint manufacturer.

What does the workmanship cover?
The workmanship guarantee provides proper preparations to the substrate (surface to be painted) as provided by the paint manufacturers specifications.
By doing so this allows the paint manufacturer to provide a limited guarantee on their paint products. If the paint fails due to workmanship the contractor is required to make corrections.

Protect your home and hire a licensed contractor.

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