About Vegas Painters


is simple, good work ethics, experience, and dedication along with a desire to do the best for our customers creates a winning attitude, which in turns promotes success.


Our goals are to brand the name and to make Vegas Painters the “go to” company. In order to achieve these goals we have to provide quality workmanship and professional service on a consistent basis. Our last job is what clients remember, good or bad.

We understand painters learn their craft from all different states, a standardized method had to be implemented for all to follow. Procedures provide the road map for consistency, which in turns leads to excellence.


Our moral convictions determine how we treat our clients, and our employees and how we handle your job.


We encourage our painters to remember they are professional painters and represent our company each and every day they are on the job and to always demonstrate this to our clients. EXPERIENCE      

Experience is an accumulation of learned knowledge and skill acquired over a period of time.  We prefer to see a minimum of 5 years experience, good work ethics, and a desire to be the best, along with a good attitude to be employed at Vegas Painters.