Save Money and have fun learning the basics of interior painting Only $595.00 for our 8-Hour course

Today more and more people are painting themselves and it can be fun and rewarding; it will be a breeze after learning the tricks and secrets from a professional painter.

In eight short hours we can teach you to paint your own walls and trim so well your family and friends will think you hired a professional paint company.

What comes with the course and what will I achieve?

  1. Eight-hours of one on one, hands on painting with one of our professional painters.
  2. Our painter instructor comes with all tools and equipment to demonstrate and teach you how to professionally prepare and paint your walls.
  3. You will have the knowledge and ability to continue painting the rest of your rooms.
  4. You will save money, have fun and learn a valuable skill by doing it yourself.

After the course you will need to purchase these items from any paint store to continue painting your home.
Sherwin Williams, Dunn Edwards, Home Depot, or Lowes. 

Tool package  

  1. Spackle knife (6” blade)
  2. Putty Knife (1.5’ blade)
  3. 5 in 1 utility knife
  4. (2) 5-gallon plastic bucket
  5. (1) 2-gallon plastic bucket
  6. Paint roller screen  
  7. (1) Strainer Bag
  8. 9” roller handle 
  9. 9″ x 3/4″ roller sleeve
  10. Paint brush (3” angle)
  11. 6′ Roller Pole (collapsible)  
  12. Drop cloth (runner 3’x 12’)
  13. Caulking gun
  14. Masking machine
  15. Sundries (tape, masking paper, caulking, sandpaper). 

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Do-It-Yourself Painting – $595