Epoxy Floors

Add durability and beauty to your garage floors.

  • Select any color you like
  • Exclusive 5-year workmanship guarantee
  • Top of the line products from PPG

Invest in your garage floors; add excitement, beauty, and durability.

Colors and Durability
Select any color you like.
Your floors will retain color retention with high sheen for many years to come.
Oil spills, tire marks, you name it, they all come up with a wet mop.

Our standard prices:

  • One Car Garage Floor –      $1,350.00
  • Two Car Garage Floor –     $2,700.00
  • Three Car Garage Floor –  $3,950.00

Epoxy Floor

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Prices includes:

Licensed Contractor: (Required in Nevada)
#53359 – Bid Limit $950,000.00.

Labor, Materials & Equipment:
Experienced painters to get job done right!

Material Products:
We use the best products to transform your floors from dull to Magnificent!
Armor Shield 2-part epoxy – Safety tested and skid-resistant – Used in Airplane hangars

Liability – Protects you and your home.
Compensation – Protects our employees.
You & your home are 100% protected.

Our exclusive 5-year workmanship guarantee,
Goes beyond the State of Nevada requirements of only 4-years.

Scope of work and procedure:
To get Quality the job must be done Right.

  • 1st Day.
    Sweep floors to remove all dirt and dust.
    Acid wash 100% of floors to etch concrete surface and pores.
    Let stand for one hour,  and then power wash floors to remove all sediments and let dry.
  • 2nd Day.
    Apply 1st coat of epoxy – 1st coat settles into concrete filling pours for bonding.
  • 3rd Day.
    Apply 2nd coat of epoxy and colored chips (if Desired)
  • 4th Day
    Scrape raised chips, clean and apply clear coat. – Clear coat seals and leaves a hard high gloss shine.

No foot traffic for 3-days after completion.
No car traffic for 5-days after completion.
Total curing time – 30-days.

When quality and value counts…
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