Exterior Maintenance

Is your home looking a little drab? Maybe a good cleaning will be sufficient.

  • Exterior of your home.
  • Your perimeter walls.
  • Your walkways, driveway and deck around your pool.

Exclusive Low Cost 3-Year Exterior Maintenance Program

Our Maintenance Program Protects your Home 

Pressure Washing Includes

  • Exterior of your home.
  • Your perimeter walls, if applicable.
  • Walkways, driveway and deck around your pool, if applicable.
    Pressure washing removes pigeon droppings, dirt, cobwebs, bugs and you may even extend the life of your existing paint job simply by pressure washing your home annually.

Sealing of exposed openings on the exterior of your home:

  • Caulk vents, louvers, pipes, etc, which can provide insulation from outside elements.
    Sealing around openings helps prevent water intrusion, weather and bugs from penetrating your home. 

Touch up Paint:

  • Touch up small areas where paint appears to be missing.
  • Paint all newly caulked areas.


  • Your exterior maintenance program is fully transferable to your buyers if you sell your home during the 3-year program.

Total 3-year Maintenance Cost: $995.00 

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The Basics of your Exterior Maintenance Program:

  • Stucco repairs will be an additional charge and will be determined by the amount of damage.
  • This program covers up to a 2500 sf. Home, larger homes will be priced slightly higher and will be determined by sf. of your home.
  • We match your existing color as close as possible through our paint distributors state of the art computerized technology, however, due to age and extreme weather in Las Vegas we can not guarantee a perfect match.
  • If the area to touchup is greater than 30′ in height it will require additional equipment which will be added to the cost. However, most homes in Las Vegas will not have an issue with height.
  • An important feature of this agreement. In order to keep your exterior maintenance program valid, you must contact our office each year on your anniversary month (the month in which we painted your home.) to schedule your appointment.
  • This program is non refundable.

You now have the peace of mind knowing your home will look clean and fresh for years to come and at the same time preserving your paint job! 

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