Exterior Painting

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Restore your home to its original beauty with a professional exterior paint job from Vegas Painters, Las Vegas’ premier exterior painting contractor. Vegas Painters, with over 40 years of experience is the right choice for the job.

At Vegas Painters, our 5-year workmanship guarantee demands our professional painters prepare your home according to paint manufactures specifications before one drop of finish paint is applied.

Exterior Paint Finishes

  • Stucco
  • Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding
  • Doors & Windows
  • Fascia and Eaves
  • Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Wood & Wrought Iron
  • Fences, Railings
  • Decks, and Patio Covers
  • Driveways and walkways (concrete)
  • And more…

Metal Paint Finishes

  • Wrought Iron
  • Security Doors/Bars
  • Windows/Doors
  • Fences/Gate

Staining & Finishing of Natural Wood Surfaces

  • Thresholds
  • Decks & Rails
  • Doors & Windows

Pressure Washing & Cleaning

  • Remove Loose Paint and Stains
  • Removing Mildew
  • General Cleaning of Surfaces
  • Window Cleaning

Related Services

  • Stucco Repairs
  • Wood Repairs
  • Referral Service

Stucco Repairs:

Vegas Painters is the leading Stucco Repair and Restoration specialist in The Las Vegas Nevada area for good reason. We commit to keeping up to date on the latest application and product developments, and provide our craftsmen with training. It makes sense to keep up with what is current, and stucco trends are always updating. We also commit to keeping our tried and true stucco application techniques, as we have developed our own top quality Stucco Repair Checklist to Stucco Perfection that rivals our competition.

Our proven Lathe, Plastering, Fireproofing and Sand Blasting services are second to none in the Las Vegas area. We work with our clients, providing no-obligation bids on all work we do. Have questions? We love the opportunity to answer them and educate our clients before the work is started. Happy clients provide the best referrals, and our company thrives on these referrals! This was another banner year for Vegas Painters, and we are thankful for our satisfied customers.

If you are a property owner in the Las Vegas area and you are in need of Stucco Services, please consider Vegas Painters today! You will not regret the decision to give us a call at 702-947-3333. Have cracks showing in your residential stucco, or Exterior Walls? Are you noticing peeling or bubbling on your home or commercial business exterior? These are the types of issues we specialize in and address every day.  Again, Fill out the form above, or Call 702-947-3333 IMMEDIATELY!

Graffiti Removal Services: 

Did you know that graffiti is the single most destructive property crime in Southern Nevada and across the nation?  Did you know “Taggers” who leave their mark in paint on everything from freeway overpasses and street signs to park benches and houses cause millions of dollars in property damage every year?

Because of this growing trend, residents living in Clark County Nevada The Property Owners are REQUIRED to remove any and all Graffiti that is on any wall you own. Vegas Painters has a great working relationship with the County to ensure that our clients are in compliance.  If you find that you are a victim of Vandalism in Clark County, Vegas Painters will work with you to get the official clearance needed, and get the Graffiti Removed.. often on the same day!  Again, Fill out the form above, or
Call 702-947-3333 IMMEDIATELY!

At Vegas Painters… “You are completely covered”
Call today…. You will be glad you did.