Q – Can you match the color?
I recently got back from vacation and my wife and I decided that we like the “tropical feel” They were beautiful paint colors and I brought back some of the color chips. Can you match the color?

A – YES!
Vegas Painters can match any color that you can think of. When your Professional Consultant Arrives, show him or her the colors you would love to have. We have relationships with all the big paint distributing companies, so getting you that perfect match is no problem!


Q – Is the quality of low VOC paint the same as regular conventional paint?

A – Absolutely! The quality of low VOC paints has greatly improved in recent years. Feel free to use a low VOC paint and expect the same quality as conventional paints. Either way, Vegas Painters has you covered.


Q – Regarding VOC Paints, Is there a difference between low VOC paints, no VOC paints and natural paints?

A – Yes – Many low VOC and no VOC paints can and do still contain synthetic chemicals. Natural paints claim to be made from only naturally occurring materials. Homeowners in the Vegas Climate have been satisfied with both types. If one has a sensitivity to paint odors or chemicals, it is best to research the various brands of paint and make one’s own informed decision before using them in your house.


Q – Is it important to hire a licensed, insured painting contractor?

All contractors are required to be licensed in Nevada through the Contractor’s License Board. Vegas Painters has been registered with the State of Nevada for years (License # 53359 Full C-4 Bid Limit $950,000.00)

To verify that a person claiming to be a contractor is licensed, ask to see his state issued license and personal identification to make sure you are dealing with the individual named on the contractor’s license. All contractors are required to carry their contractor’s license with them.

The first thing you want to do before hiring a company to paint for you is to verify their license. Go to https://app.nvcontractorsboard.com/Clients/NVSCB/Public/ContractorLicenseSearch/ContractorLicenseSearch.aspx to Verify if the company you are looking to hire is legit and legal.

When you fail to check this out, you are putting your family and your most treasured asset, your home or business, at risk!

A licensed contractor must carry workers compensation insurance to shield homeowners from liability and have a contractor’s license bond for consumer protection (generally stated as “bonded”) If there is ever a problem with work done by any licensed contractor, their work is regulated by the State of Nevada and they will help you get satisfaction. The State protects consumers by licensing and regulating Nevada contractors.

Did you know that Unlicensed painters are unregulated, uninsured, and often don’t know about the latest paint developments? If you have a problem with them or their work, it is very difficult to get help because no government agency regulates them. They generally have no ties to the community and don’t return to fix problems. “People put themselves and family members at risk when they hire unlicensed and uninsured individuals who can end up doing substandard work or never finish the job.”

To prove that a contractor truly carries insurance, request that copies of the policy certificates be faxed directly to you from the contractor’s insurance carrier.


Q – What is the best paint finish to use in kitchens, bathrooms and other high moisture rooms?

A – High moisture rooms like kitchens and bathrooms do better with semi-gloss enamel paint. Semi-gloss paints are more moisture resistant, dirt resistant, washable, and scrubable.


Q – If I hire Vegas Painters to paint my home, do I need to put any money down?

A – YES! the minute you sign the contract with our team, we start to prepare your property for painting. We schedule the painters, order the paint, start the quality control process by ensuring that it is a perfect match, and entering all the details of your job into our systems, this way, even in 5 years, you can rest assured that the paint you selected is documented and saver for future use. Therefore, we ask for 50 percent of the contract value down.


Q – Does paint have an expiration date?

A – YES. According to the paint manufacturers, when stored properly, an unopened can of oil-based or water-based paint has a shelf life of one to two years (I’ve seen them go for five years or more). Once water-based paint has been opened, it must be stored it in a cool, dry place. If you want to use it again, visually check the paint to see if it is free of mold and don’t use it if smells bad. If it has gone bad, take it to a state regulated paint recycling center and dispose of your paint there.


Q-What does paint finish, gloss level, sheen or enamel mean?

A – Paint finish, gloss level, sheen and enamel are all similar ways of saying the same thing. These describe the smoothness and light reflectivity of the dry paint on a painted surface. There are approximately six sheen types, and each has a name corresponding to its light reflective qualities. Sheens range from:
1. flat or matte (no-gloss)
2. eggshell
3. satin finish
4. low luster
5. semi-gloss
6. high-gloss

Each sheen has different qualities and uses. For example, a flat paint is often used to give a room a velvety look or to cover uneven drywall or plaster. A semi-gloss finish is often used in bathrooms and kitchens since it is cleanable and has a strong, hard shine. Generally, the higher the sheen the easier the paint is to clean and maintain.

Traditionally, dry room walls and ceilings are painted in flat or eggshell and trim is painted in semi-gloss enamel. Wet rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are painted in semi-gloss.