Green Painting

Today’s world requires more protection for us, and our environment.

Questions and Answers

What does going green mean?
Using low or zero VOC in the products we use.

What is VOC?
Volatile Organic Compounds.

What effects does VOC have on people?
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers VOC as carcinogens but they do not know the long-term effects they may have on people.

Is VOC only in Paint? 
No, you can find VOC in many of the products we use in our homes.

What can I expect? 
When subject to high VOC for a long period of time, you may experience headaches and dizziness.

What about smell? 
The lower the VOC count, the less odor.

Does VOC paint cost more?
Yes, but only a fraction more. Only you can decide if the benefits are worth the extra cost.

VOC Paints – Low or Zero VOC – For more information Wikipedia