Property Management Companies

Vegas Painters has been licensed in Las Vegas since January 2002. The owners experience dates back to 1971 when he enrolled in an apprenticeship program in local union 368, Washington DC. He has lived in Las Vegas since 1982 when our population was a mere 350,000 people.

Our core painting service is both residential and commercial projects from small to very large. Our bid limit being $950,000 allows us to handle a great majority of projects.

We provide all the important features that are of most concern to the home owners which in turn is important to the Property Management Company.


Home owners need an HOA to help keep their community clean organized, and kept up for a multiple number of reasons, not least of which is home value.


Management companies provide the necessary oversight of the particular community for the HOA members and for all owners of property in that community.

In turn the property management companies contracts with service companies in order to provide the required repairs or upkeep that is found during the managements inspections of the property.


  • We have been working with property management companies here in Las Vegas for years with an outstanding job approval.
  • We are reliable, quick to respond, professional, and provide quality workmanship at reasonable prices.
  • We provide a five-year guarantee on all our workmanship and we have a 30-day net payment schedule.
  • We have an exterior maintenance program that keeps the property clean and touched up which extends the life of the paint job.

There are many more reasons to contact us when you have need of a paint project. Of course estimates and color consulting is always free.

We would be happy to come by and explain more about us or just provide an estimate.