Interior Painting

Vegas Painters provides complete interior painting services throughout your home. If it can be painted, we paint it, areas like; bathrooms, cabinets, stairs, high ceilings, the handrail running up your stairs, even your garage floor.

At Vegas Painters we pride ourselves on our workmanship as well as the products we use. Our professional painting crews follow a strict methodology that helps guarantee your beautiful new paint job will stay beautiful for years to come.

Having completed well over a thousand jobs right here in Las Vegas, our experience, integrity and quality workmanship is un-surpassed. We are sure you will love our work and your new look and we guarantee our workmanship for 5 years.

As professional painters we give you more than a great paint job. Your lead painter will contact you the evening before we start, to introduce himself and to assure you of our start time. Your time is valuable; we show up on time, stay the entire day and return each day until your project is completed.

While working in your home we stay busy, and do not interfere with your normal activities. We are polite, courteous and respectful, and we only use conversation that is suitable for anyone. We bring the right tools to get the job done and even though we cover your furniture and counters, we never use them as a tool shelf. We prepare your painted areas properly, sanding, caulking, and priming where needed before one drop of paint is applied. This insures long lasting integrity and beauty for years to come.

We keep our work areas clean and neat, removing trash each day, which keeps your home clean and makes us more efficient while promoting safety. Watch our short video about how we prepare and paint.

Drywall Repairs & Installation – Residential & Commercial : 

In business for over 30 years, Vegas Painters is the leader in Drywall and Ceiling Drywall installation and drywall repair contractors, specializing in both residential and commercial dry wall work. In the past ten years, our company has expanded into the residential, institutional, and retail construction sectors. Our success is fueled by our focus on our hands-on and proactive project management methodology, ensuring that our clients are satisfied and returning to us for repeat work.

The Vegas Painters Team has over 40 years of combined experience in the Residential and Commercial Drywall Repair and Installation sector, servicing Las Vegas, and surrounding areas. Vegas Painters Drywall Division has worked with most major hospitals, governments, cities, residential clients, small commercial businesses, and big box stores in Las Vegas. To learn more about our company and our work, Fill out the form above or Call 702-947-3333 IMMEDIATELY!

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